CUBE rent a car provides long-term car rental to companies in need of a company fleet. We offer flexible solutions to any issue that arises in the operation of your company fleet. In addition, we offer special benefits to your needs, which include, but are not limited to, vehicle branding.

Fleet management and fleet management include a wide range of activities that include vehicle purchase, registration, insurance, maintenance and detailed monitoring of the vehicle exploitation process (all our vehicles are equipped with GPS devices, allowing you to have a precise view at all times of your vehicle’s location , as well as what is the monthly exploitation of the same). This kind of service, which relates to the complete management of the company fleet, allows you to fully devote yourself to the core business of your business.


  • Administration costs are kept to a minimum, as we take full care of the fleet, the company receives one consolidated account with all costs, which are agreed in advance at a fixed monthly fee
  • All risks of additional costs related to vehicle maintenance will be borne by our company
  • According to the defined business conditions, our services include road assistance, VIP services, a replacement vehicle if needed, and other requirements imposed during the business period will be provided by our company.


Our fleet management company offers free consulting to our clients to help them optimize their fleet costs.

Fleet management involves the acquisition of all types and brands of vehicles, regardless of ownership structure, type or size of the fleet.

We fully co-ordinate all fleet maintenance processes, whether regular services or emergency repairs, and also assume the risk of additional costs that the client is aware of in advance.